ridgemonkey square kettle

Lets face it, all carp anglers love endless brews on the bank so a carpers kettle gets a lot of use. So why do we need a square kettle? The RidgeMonkey square kettle not only fits perfectly on the quad stove but also offers a higher boiling efficiency due to the low profile which in turn will use less gas. We all like to save a few quid and carry less in our tackle bag and the RidgeMonkey kettle is lightweight and a nice compact shape with foldable handles so it can be packed into a small area. The kettle is supplied with a black drawstring carry bag and is available in two sizes; 0.5 litre version for the non-sociable angler and a 1.1 litre for those who are happy to have their tea bag stash demolished and make brews for their mates.

We at Piscatorian think this is a nice tarty little bit of brew kit and we are sure you’ll be seeing lots of these kettles on the bank in 2018. Click the link for more information and to buy the Ridgemonkey Square Kettle at Amazon.

ridgemonkey kettle