Piscatorian – when angling is life

A Piscatorian is an angler or fisherman, but true anglers will understand that fishing is more than just the pursuit fish. They also appreciate the flora and fauna, the seasons, the sounds of nature at night and enjoy the company of like-minded friends who share the same passion.

A Piscatorian will spend hours every day dreaming about the waterside, they will spend countless hours fine tuning their tackle, rigs and baits until they are perfect. A Piscatorian will awake before dawn and walk the banks of their chosen venues to climb spindly trees in the hope they will get a glimpse of their destiny feeding in the margins and grasp a little clue that will eventually lead them to landing the fish of their dreams.

A Piscatorian appreciates the journey as much as the finale and has a deep understanding of what effort it may take to eventually cradle their ultimate prize in front of the camera. When that day finally comes they will care for their quarry as if it were one of their own. They will appreciate every little scale, blemish and colour change and will gain as much pleasure by watching fish swim slowly back into the depths as the capture.

To a Piscatorian, fishing is life… Welcome to our world.

The Syndicate Goes from Strength to Strength

On the way to the first 40 Hasn’t the rain has been relentless this winter so far? Down at the syndicate the flow is chugging through the pond but the water temperatures are still reasonably high for this time of year so hopefully the carp are benefitting...