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Korda Propolis Carp Care Treatment

Fish care is something we take very seriously at Piscatorian and rightly so. We owe it to the carp to keep them in pristine condition and treating sores, cuts and ulcers with carp care treatment is of utmost importance. There are lots of products in the market, some are made for the fishing industry others […]

RidgeMonkey Connect Combi Set

The original RidgeMonkey sandwich toaster has become the standard pan of choice for most carp anglers in recent years. The RidgeMonkey Connect Combi Set takes the concept a step further. It more certainly more stable on the cooker as the two sides can be taken apart and used as two separate frying pans. One side […]

RidgeMonkey Vault Powerpack 12v/5v Portable Power Bank

Most anglers these days carry an abundance of tech such as smart phones, tablets, DVD players and laptops whilst fishing and the one problem we all have is keeping all these gadgets charged up. Powerpacks have come a long way in recent years and lithium batteries have got smaller (approximately 70% less than sealed lead […]

RidgeMonkey Square Kettle

Lets face it, all carp anglers love endless brews on the bank so a carpers kettle gets a lot of use. So why do we need a square kettle? The RidgeMonkey square kettle not only fits perfectly on the quad stove but also offers a higher boiling efficiency due to the low profile which in […]

Nash Pinpoint Hook Sharpening Kit

There are rumours from the Nash stable that they are due to release a hook sharpening kit. It will be called the Nash Pinpoint Hook Sharpening Kit and will include a selection of hook files, a vice and a magnifying eye glass for examining the points. We believe the kit is due for release in […]

Deeper Pro Plus Fish Finder

Whether you like it or hate it sonar fish finders are here to stay and can be great tool when it comes to quickly mapping out a swim with minimal disturbance. The latest castable wireless version available on the market is the Deeper Pro Plus fish finder. With many big brands and names getting behind […]