deeper pro+ fish finder

Whether you like it or hate it sonar fish finders are here to stay and can be great tool when it comes to quickly mapping out a swim with minimal disturbance. The latest castable wireless version available on the market is the Deeper Pro Plus fish finder. With many big brands and names getting behind the product it is getting a lot of exposure in the press and social media recently so no doubt these products are going to be more popular on the bank during 2018.

deeper pro+ fish finder

So, how can a Deeper Pro Plus fish finder help you?

Firstly you will need a mobile phone or tablet so you can transmit the wifi signal back to a screen of some description. Initially you will need to download an app, the Deeper Pro+ will then connect via wifi to most iOS or Android devices. It can work online and offline so no need to rinse your data whilst on the bank just make sure you have plenty of battery life or a mobile battery charger to hand.

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ app comes with some neat features such as weather forecasting, maps, water temperature, GPS, data history, lunar calendar camera, day/night screen modes and social media sharing. Undoubtedly some of these handy features will be useful at some point.

The manufacturer states a range of up to 100m and depths to 80m. The idea is to cast out the sensor and slowly wind it in across the whole area of your swim and the information is streamed instantaneously to your device. The lake contours will show up on your allowing you to see the depth, bottom make-up, snags, weed beds etc. so you can quickly form an idea of what lurks below the water. The Deeper Pro Plus will also show fish on the screen so you see what sort of depths they are swimming at but it is really designed as a feature finder rather than a fish finder.

deeper fish finderAre there any negatives to using a sonar fish finder?

The traditional way of plumbing a swim is obviously via a marker float and lead. Using this method you can feel the bottom as the vibrations travel up the braid to the rod. Traditionalists will say that this method will give you a lot better idea on the bottom makeup which is an essential part of fishing. Maybe the best way to use the Deeper is to find a likely looking area and then use a lead to feel around the area on another rod.

So should you buy one?

Technology is always moving forward and there are many gadgets that can help an angler put more fish on the back. The Deeper Pro Plus fish finder is certainly a nice bit of kit and used in the correct way I’m sure it will give you a better insight into a swim’s topography than a marker float an lead alone.

To find out more and to purchase the Deeper Pro Plus Fish Finder Click the link.