Carp Fishing Leads

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Our hand-made carp fishing leads are available in various weights ranging from 1oz to 5oz. Our shapes include dumpy pear, tournament distance and square leads to suit all fishing situations. Our carp leads are matte finished with non reflective coatings to blend in perfectly with every kind of lake bed so whether you are fishing over a silty, muddy, gravelly or weedy bottom your presentation should be as camouflaged as possible. All our lead fishing weights are finished with large eye black matte swivels to fit all popular lead clips.

More anglers are now seeing the huge benefits from dropping the lead on the take. We guarantee your hook to land ratio will dramatically rise if you lose the lead. Imagine a heavy weight swinging about below the hook link during the fight and adding pressure on your hook hold you can see why hooks can pop out, especially if you are using barbless. Now add the fact that if you are fishing a weedy or snaggy water your rig could turn into a death trap if a lead gets snagged or cracked off on the cast and cannot release easily you can see why in most cases it is beneficial to drop them for the safety of the fish. We understand that cost can be an issue if you fishing a prolific water so we are aim to produce quality leads at very reasonable prices to save you money.

Rest assured we pride ourselves on our attention to detail so we know you’ll be happy with carp fishing leads from Piscatorian.